Making the Right Choice - Procuring Digital Technology for Learning

Digital technologies are a significant part of the overall spending by schools, or, in the case of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), parents and caregivers. It is therefore, important to ensure that purchases clearly support the intended learning vision and approaches and have been well researched.

The Connected Learning Advisory ran a webinar on “Making the Right Choice: Procuring Digital Technology for Learning”, Trevor Storr and Tim Harper, Connected Learning Advisory facilitators explored the challenges schools face in procuring digital technologies for learning. Participants top of mind ponderings had been collected and addressed as we moved through the session.


When embarking on the decision making process it is advisable to use Simon Sineck’s “Golden Circle’ method, a needs based approach, you need to consider the “Why”, it's very important to have the learner at the centre of the decision making process. The “Query Clinic” proved to be a ‘winner’ with participants discussing ideas and solutions as a collaborative group.


Click Here to View the Webinar Recording Made November 19th 2015


Key wonderings:

  • How often do you check that your ICT infrastructure aligns with their vision?
  • Do you fully consider that device choice impacts on what happens in classrooms and therefore learning outcomes?
  • Is there a flexible, transparent, and responsive budget in place?
  • Is your technical support providing maintenance and sustainability of all systems, networks, hardware, software, and peripherals?
  • Are you planning ahead for the next 3–5 years?
  • Use these discussion questions in conjunction with the e-Learning Planning Framework as a starting point to identify your current school-wide systems and implement maintenance systems to meet increased demand as your school develops its e-learning capability.



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